About Us

Mission and Vision

BivaccoGervasutti is a leading platform dedicated to expedition and alpinism enthusiasts seeking inspiration, knowledge, and community engagement in the world of mountaineering. Our mission is to inspire, educate, and foster a sense of adventure by providing unparalleled resources, expert guidance, and comprehensive insights into the world’s most challenging mountains.

We envision BivaccoGervasutti as the premier online destination for climbers and explorers, where they can find valuable information, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and contribute to a collective hub of mountaineering expertise.

History and Founder

BivaccoGervasutti was founded in 2010 by Natalie Dyer, a renowned adventurer and mountaineer. Natalie’s love for mountains and her desire to share her experiences with others prompted her to create a platform that could serve as a reliable resource for climbers worldwide. With her extensive knowledge, passion for exploration, and commitment to safety, Natalie has set a high standard for our team and audience alike.

Introducing our Website

The creation of bivaccogervasutti.com denotes our relentless commitment to provide a one-stop online destination for the global climbing community. Our objective is to curate and deliver exceptional content that blends both practical information and inspiring narratives.


Our website aims to equip climbers and adventure seekers with essential knowledge, tips, and insights to help them undertake their own mountaineering endeavors safely and successfully. We strive to share accurate information, promote responsible expedition practices, and support our readers as they pursue their climbing goals.

Target Audience

BivaccoGervasutti is primarily tailored for passionate climbers, from novice to advanced levels, who are in search of expert guidance, reliable expedition information, and a supportive community. We cater to the global community, ensuring that our content reaches climbers from all corners of the world.

Unique Value

What sets us apart is the depth of expertise and knowledge held by our team of experienced and highly skilled editors and contributors. They possess an intimate understanding of the mountains and are passionate about sharing enriching mountaineering experiences. Our website serves as a platform where they can channel their wisdom and inspire others to push the boundaries of possibility.

Join us at BivaccoGervasutti as we embark on an exciting journey through the magnificent realm of alpinism. Let us guide you to new heights, celebrate your accomplishments, and foster an enduring spirit of adventure together.

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